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Creating body shapes from verbal descriptions by linking similarity spaces Psychological Science (2016) Hill, Streuber, Hahn, Black

Body talk: crowdshaping realistic 3D avatars with words ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) (2016) Streuber,Quiros-Ramirez, Hill, Hahn, Zuffi, O'Toole, Black [link to project website]

Perception of strength and power of realistic male characters Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Applied Perception Wellerdiek, Breidt, Geuss, Streuber, Kloos, Black, Mohler [link to article]

Putting Actions in Context: Visual Action Adaptation Aftereffects Are Modulated by Social Contexts PLoS ONE, de la Rosa, Streuber, Giese, Bülthoff, Curio [link to article]

The Influence of Different Sources of Visual Information on Joint Action Performance PhD Thesis, Streuber S, [link to book]

The Influence of Visual Information on the Motor Control of Table Tennis Strokes PRESENCE: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments Streuber, Mohler, Bülthoff, De La Rosa [link to PDF] [video]
The Effect of Social Context on the Use of Visual Information Experimental Brain Research (EBR) Streuber, Knoblich, Sebanz, Bülthoff, De La Rosa [link to PDF]
The Influence of Avatar (Self and Character) Animations on Distance Estimation, Object Interaction and Locomotion in Immersive Virtual Environments. In Proceedings of the ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Applied Perception in Graphics and Visualization (pp. 37-44) McManus, Bodenheimer, Streuber, de la Rosa, Bülthoff, Mohler [link to PDF]
Embodied Interaction in Immersive Virtual Environments with Real Time Self-animated Avatars Workshop Embodied Interaction: Theory and Practice in HCI (CHI 2011), ACM Press, New York, NY, USA, 132-135. Dodds, Mohler, de la Rosa, Streuber, Bülthoff [link to PDF]
Does Brief Exposure to a Self-Avatar Affect Common Human Behaviors in Immersive Virtual Environments? EUROGRAPHICS: Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics Streuber, De La Rosa, Trutoiu, Bülthoff, Mohler [link to PDF] [video]
Tech-Note: Iterative Design and Test of Multimodal Experience IEEE Int. Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI 2009) Reckter, Geiger, Singer, Streuber [link to PDF] [presentation]
Human Interaction in Multi-User Virtual Reality Proceedings of the International Conference on Humans and Computers (HC 2007) Streuber, Chatziastros [link to PDF]